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Expert agronomy climate

Since 1963, when Filclair invented the first plastic-covered greenhouse, 5,000 hectares of greenhouses were installed in 70 countries. This success is based on a force within the society. Ability to innovate and evolve knowledge
Also, with environmental and agricultural issues today, Filclair positions itself in the market as an expert in agronomy climate.
Filclair roots reach deep into agribusiness. Most executives of the company are agricultural engineers, because to do our job well, we need to be closer to the agronomic and economic problems.
The constant evolution of our market requires constant adaptation of the whole our services. • sustainability Policy
• environmentally
• Research and development of a more effective climate agronomy

For this, Filclair which has introduced new administrative buildings in early 2000 and a new computer system, continuing its logistics investments and production.
Filclair work in product development and technical acclimatization . crops under cover in full respect of the environment and increased productivity
chapels Multiclair architecture designed to meet these agro-economic criteria, is the very image of the profession of FILCLAIR: the climate engineering.
in addition, all facilities available on these types of greenhouses, meet at any point to climate requirements and agronomic constraints highlighted by our customers. This is now deploy Multiclair range from the exceptional technical platform. Our remaining primarily in developing solutions for a better climate, regardless of the inherent constraints of objective terrain.Filclair also specializes in all products related to climate control:

  • Movies plastic
  • Serrres tunnel
  • Irrigation Greenhouse
  • Heating greenhouses
  • Climate Control greenhouses
  • Miscellaneous Equipment