In some words…

50 years have passed since the creation of Filclair.

1963:Yves Dalle invented the first armed world plastic films, and created the company to Filclair Wervick (North). Infancy in the art and creation of the first small plastic tunnel vegetable.

1968: Create the first chapel plastic 5.75m.

1969: Installation Venelles, near Aix en Provence, to cope with the changing market (development of plain Berre).

1970:Patrick Thery, engineer ICAM became CEO of the company. Benoît Bonduelle, creator and executive canneries of the same name, enters the Filclair capital.

1971:Creation of the first major crops tunnel 7.00 m and 8.00 m and 9.30 m. Export success in England, Syria, Jordan, Greece, Egypt, Cyprus, Germany, Lebanon, Canada, Holland.

1976:Benoît Bonduelle becomes the majority shareholder. Departure of the founder, Yves Dalle. The agro-industrial expertise is built. Filclair strengthening its position as market leader.

1980: Creation of the first breeding tunnels.

1986 Invention of tobacco barns plastic cover.

1990:Create the range Verticlair

1996: Launch of the tunnel arch NORDICLAIR.

1997: Create the chapel range MULTICLAIR.

1999: Merger of the company Compax.

2001: Release of new products: The 250 series
The new 250 SERIES ™ expands the possibilities of MULTICLAIR ™ range. The DPS is a complete gantry comprising a reinforced vault directly tied to poles in a head-piece pole. The architecture is extremely efficient: the mechanical stress of the arch are directly supported by all pole / telescopic leg.

2004: Release of new products: The 300 DPS series
A variant of the DPS 250 expands with a mesh of 3.00 m.

2006/2007: Patent AERO - Greenhouse for growing plants.

2007/2008: Patent AIR BAR - Inflatable double wall system ..

2008/2009: Patent ALUCLAIR - Structures including greenhouses closed profiles with angles forming a slide.
Patent Polypro - Fixing device flexible roofing material emissions

2010/2011: Patent AERO TWIN - Greenhouse type chapel at optimum performance.

2011: Covenring Everest® - Structure emissions for solar operation optimized

2011/2012: ANTICONDENSE CLIP - Device condensed water discharge to the inside of the cover film of a greenhouse.